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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Holy Grail Product!!

As winter approaches the one thing i always have a hard time with is keeping my lips from not getting dry and chapped. I have a drawer full of lip products but find myself keeping one in particular with me at ALL times. 

Rosebud Perfume Co. made this Rosebud Salve in a tube which makes it simple to put on without
having sticky fingers after! As they claim, it truly is a mini moisturizing miracle.
This is me at work EXTREMELY excited to find a second tube
in my winter coat from last year!! SCORE :)

Here this little beauty is in the flesh! I picked mine up at Sephora
(of course)...The price point is around $6 and it will be the
best $6 you have ever spent on those pretty little
lips of yours!!!

Until Next Time Loves...
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Sydney Godsey

Monday, November 17, 2014

Ikea Furniture & Decor Haul

Well, its the middle of November and here in Kentucky we are having out first SNOW DAY :)
We woke up to 5 inches of snow, and this will probably be the only time i am actually excited about it!

We moved over the weekend into our Townhouse and i could not be happier!! This place is fantastic and exactly what we needed/wanted right now. A house sounded lovely, but saving for a down payment sounds even better to me.

Collin set up all of my Ikea furniture for me and i LOVE it about a thousand times more than i initially thought i would. It was pretty easy to put together and fits everything i need it to just perfectly. Its gorgeous to look at and i had a blast decorating and displaying my jewelry etc...

I would love to do a make up collection blog for you, if you would like to see the products i use on the daily and would most recommend leave me a comment so i know!! Also, if you have any specific questions on any of the pieces i have talked about in this blog or general questions on decorating/make-up/styling feel free to drop me a line i LOVE hearing from you!!!
Until next time beauties...
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Moving On Up...

Hello lovelies!!

It has been way to long since i have been on my blog to chat with you!! Hopefully soon things will calm down and i can get back into writing. So many big changes are happening in my life right now. 
Collin and I are moving into our first town home in a few very short days and i could not be more excited!!!! 

This being the like 80th (7th) time i have moved.. i feel pretty confident in the packing/moving aspect but it is still a headache every time!

Now, here is where you come in!! Send me your favorite inspiration for some southern comfy decoration!!! I am going to let you have a sneak peak of the place... don't mind the blurry pictures i was in a hurry to show you.

Also, i conquered my first Ikea furniture haul and am so happy with the results. Seriously though, without Collin i would have never been able to do it all alone ( the bed at least)..What other Ikea pieces do you have and die for?? I'm hooked now.

Can`t Stop...Won`t Stop....

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Paris in Pictures...

Bonjour belles dames...
Good morning my beauties, the Eiffel Tower was just the beginning on 
my magical trip... 
check out a few of my hundreds of pictures! 

no trip to Paris is ever complete without
Quiche Loraine! DELISH

This beautiful lady, is the most wonderful and classy
woman and just so happens to be my Gmama.

Cutest Cupcakery tucked away off
Rue de St. Jaque.

Broke out my fur for the Orchestra... a must :) 

Paris Orchestra directed by Roman Brogli, I met this wonderful
gentlemen at the bar in my hotel. He is a world renowned
conductor and gave us fabulous tickets to watch
him preform... a MAGICAL way to end
my trip!! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hump Day Jewels

Happy Hump Day!!!
Its almost Friday y`all :)

I wanted to show you my go to silver pieces for easy yet classy everyday 
jewelry look.
This is a vintage spoon ring i purchased off Etsy and had my last
initial etched into it. i LOVE it and it fits great and is super
pretty and classy, not to mention goes with everything. I wear this
ring almost every day if i am wearing silver. 

My watch is from New York & Company a few years back around Christmas time
my best friend bought it for me and im still loving it! Its perfect size not too large
with just enough shine on it to make you look twice. The beads are Tiffany
inspired, however much cheaper and i found them at American Eagle
for a steal...

Show me your favorite go to jewelry!! I love to see what you guys
are wearing :)

Stay Beautiful...

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Sydney Godsey