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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wedding Planning Tips & Tricks

  Here I am, 17 days before the wedding and I am feeling strangely relaxed. Things have fallen nicely into place, and I have had the best help/support system with my fiance and family. I planned for about 4 months before the wedding and tried to keep my budget as tight as possible. I went in with the mentality that if we had a long engagement I would plan forever and things would most likely get out of control ha... blame that on Pinterest! 

  One thing I will tell you is this, if you want to have the traditional ceremony/reception like we did, make sure you keep what  YOU want in mind. It is incredibly easy to go completely overboard without even realizing it. Keep in mind that this day is about no one else but you and your honey!! 

  When we set a date 4 months ago I went strait into researching wedding planners and wedding apps. I was in for a rude awakening when most planners wanted about a third of what I thought was my budget.

  Then I found The Knot and my wedding planning got a whole lot simpler.  The Knot is a website and a FREE app....which makes it even better! It sets you up a wedding countdown which is super fun to keep track of! You can add photos of you and your honey, browse wedding ideas and the BEST part is there is a checklist that hits the big points of wedding planning.

  I've never been married before and I have not attended many weddings, when I sat down to start planning I had no clue where to even start. I have my man, I've got my what?! The checklist feature on The Knot is the absolute best thing... I sat down with my calendar and picked a due date for everything that pertained to my wedding on the checklist. I tried my best to keep and meet deadlines and the single most thing that helped my wedding planning be a breeze was making decisions promptly. I really made it a point to see three to four options and prices for things and then make a decision. The faster I could nail things down the better off I was.

I hope these tips are helpful! Let me know how your wedding planning went :) 


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Southern Hospitality 3 Tips for Entertaining Guests

Being from Kentucky, I understand that no one ever just "stays" at your house. You fuss over them, you feed them & anticipate their every wish and need. These are my top 3 tips for showing Southern Hospitality to guests who stay in your home!

1. Know Your Guest
Know what dietary restrictions they may have, if they have any allergies etc. Believe me nothing says "welcome" to your vegetarian house guests like a good ole fashion chicken fry. In a world full of social media, do a little research in general :)

2. Give Them What They Need
The tip here is to avoid any awkward conversations. Provide your WiFi password on the guest room nightstand, make sure there is a few extra rolls of toilet paper in the guest bath... you know, things you just don't want to waste time talking about.

3. Details in the Guest Room
Before the guests arrive, make sure your prepare their room. Clean the sheets, light some candles in the space, and leave them a few new magazines/books to thumb through. I like to make sure the guest bathroom has an extra emergency kit just in case. Fold up a plush blanket at the end of the bed in case the night gets chilly!

Emergency Kit: Toothbrush/Paste, Smell good spray, Bath salts, Deodorant...etc.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Favorite Etsy Shoppe!

Naturally, as soon as Collin popped the question everything Mrs. & wifey was now instantly within grasp. My first purchase that I could not be more thrilled about it this Wifey tank!!

But anyway, The material is baby soft, I mean really soft! I was surprised it wasn't a thicker cotton which i am really happy about. Its A line so it flares out which i love and the hem on it is perfect for covering your bum in leggings!! It shipped SUPER fast and for $26.00 is a steal! It comes in about a million different colors and variations and their entire website is adorable! 


Monday, September 14, 2015


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Fall Nails

Fall nails!!! Loving this gel color for fall. Having my real nails look so great and healthy feels like such an accomplishment!! What are your favorite fall nail colors??